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White Pepper is a Milan based studio specialized in contemporary flower design and botanical installations. 

Cristina, Camilla and Lena use flowers as a  medium to communicate their sense of aesthetics, pulse of Zeitgeist and conscience for nature. Their daily work is a continuous road of experimenting. Designing with the unconventional mind, their visual vocabulary plays with contrast and materials, combining flower pop with etherealness or edgy geometry.

When they look at flowers they see structures, textures and colors rather than just their botanical beauty. Their floral scenography concepts are made for company sponsored events, weddings and private gatherings for fashion, design and luxury in Italy and abroad.

Cristina, raised in the Monferrato countryside, she carries nature in her soul. As a former professional horseback rider, she moved later into luxury hospitality. Moving to Milan, she was the first one who started to work in flower design, where she could be her eclectic self. 

Lena, German born but Italian by heart; she was raised between Germany and Asia. Travelling worldwide, studying communication and working in events was just the beginning. With this experience she brought another vision of aesthetics to the trio: more conceptual, lighter and minimal. 

Camilla born and raised in Milan’s industrial area, she developed a spatial sense of beauty. Scenographer by passion and education, she is secretly a colourful engineer. Details and the story behind it move her; nature, architecture and much logical sense transform her creative ideas into technical reality.  

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